The Idea

Each of these exceptional photographers have taken what they specialize in and have created a comprehensive plan to market these photographic specialties. What's more, the products are designed to attract ideal clients - those who value fine things and are willing to pay a premium for an outstanding experience.

The Products

BellaGrafica products incorporate the latest in printing technologies: complex die cutting and folding, unique papers and innovative printing finishes. And each is backed with the information you need to effectively implement these tools in your business. Extensive research and development have been used to insure that each piece has been designed to engage the person receiving it, which in turn increases the value of your investment.

What Marathon is able to contribute is 25 years of printing and marketing expertise in the photographic industry. The benefit to you is that Marathon has invested in the development, production processes and up-front cost of materials (dies, etc.) to provide you with a cost-effective way to use the same marketing tools that some of the biggest names in the industry are using. If you were to try and locate a printer to produce the same pieces, you'd be faced with die charges, up-front materials costs, long production times and at a much higher cost than you will find with BellaGrafica. Plus, with BellaGrafica, you gain the added value that each of these pieces have already been tried and tested to be effective by the photographers making them available through BellaGrafica.

The Process

Each product is available in three different options:

  • Templates: use the product and design as developed for BellaGrafica, Marathon will insert your images and text into the design
  • File-furnished: use the product concept (size, shape, configuration) but submit your own design
  • Custom: allow Marathon to create a completely unique design for you using the product concept

Off-the-Shelf Products

It doesn’t take thousands to start marketing like the industry’s top studios. Several BellaGrafica products are available Off-the-Shelf, meaning they can be purchased and used right away in your own studio for a fraction of the investment in custom printing and with lower minimums. Plus, many of these products can be customized for your studio by adding your own imprint. Off-the-Shelf products may differ from the product specs listed for custom printing. Contact an account representative at 800/385.5938 to learn more.

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