Email Marketing for photographers


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Email Marketing for photographers

Drag & Drop Email Editor

Creating your email campaign has never been easier with our easy-to-use email editor. Drag and drop, move text and images, see your changes in real time.



Email Marketing for photographers

Social Media Integration

Your audience can easily share with friends and followers. And you can push your emails directly to Facebook or Twitter.



Email Marketing for photographers

Auto Responders

Send out automated emails triggered by your subscriber's action. Set up automated welcome letters, thank you's and engage in other personal ways for birthdays, holidays, etc.



Email Marketing for photographers

Unlimted Free Surveys

Effortlessly design and deploy surveys for your audiences. And the best part, this feature is included in your Email Marketing account.



Email Marketing for photographers

Response Analytics

Easily review the effectiveness of your subject line, content and offer. See who opens, clicks, shares, opts out and the bounce data. Integrated with Google Analytics.



Email Marketig for photographers

Audience Segmentation

Easily create segments for each of your photographic lines and deploy to the audience most likely to purchase the product and or service.



Email Marketing for photographers

Managing Your Mailing List

Each of your emails is individually crafted and personally addressed: No need to worry about generic aliases or emails that show your entire address book to the world. Mailing list features allow you to organize your recipients into groups, move people around, and update client information. The TrueRemove© system automatically handles opt-outs instantly and permanently.



Email Marketing for photographers

Custom and Stock Email Templates

Custom photography email templates can be easily created using your brand or you can use one of our many stock photography email templates available to our email marketing clients. The template serves as a “frame” for your HTML, and recipients who cannot receive HTML will be sent a text-only version, which is automatically created for you. A flexible menu of content layouts that require no HTML knowledge allow you to add text, images and links to items on your photography website, blog, or other photography marketing resources. This can include embedded downloads of documents you want clients to read, such as a news story about your photography business or important session-preparation information. Best of all, these links and downloads are trackable, so you’ll know exactly who opened your email, who clicked through each link, who forwarded information to friends, and who signed up to get future emails. This ingenious service even allows you to “trigger” automatic follow-up emails to readers who have clicked on specific links. The vital statistical information, which the service provides automatically, will help you to shape future email campaigns and other photography marketing activities.



Email Marketing for photographers

Document Library

Your document library can store all sorts of files: PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Flash movies, QuickTime videos, MPEGs, WAVs and MP3s. Zipped files also work, as do Keynote presentations and documents created using Pages. Your document library shows you each file's size and labels it according to type.

Each account is equipped with 1 megabyte (MB) of storage; enough for 5 to 10 documents of average size. More documents can be stored at an additional monthly charge: $10 for every 2.5 MB.


Account Setup & Stationery


Account Setup:

*Please allow 3-5 business days for account setup.


Email Marketing for photographers

Templated or File-Furnished Stationery Design — $195


Custom Stationery Photography Marketing Design starting at — $295


Accounts are typically active within 3 days of approved stationery design.



Email Marketing for photographers

Additional Brand Stationery Photography Templates: $125


There may be instances where you wish to have more than one brand stationery template to choose from. Marathon can design additional photography templates to serve all your photography marketing needs.


Additional Pricing Information


Email Marketing for photographers

Cost Per Email: 1.5¢
Pay just 1.5¢ for each address per campaign sent. If your monthly total does not exceed $10, you will be billed a minimum charge of $10. However, pay nothing during those months you do not use the service.

Document Library Charge: $10 per month
1 MB of space is included with each account at no charge. Anything over 1 MB is billed an additional $10 per month per 2.5 MB of space.


Getting Started



Template Designs

You can get started with a templated design based off our popular Designer Websites

Email Marketing for photographers

Or Design Your Own

File Furnished Specifications:
No wider than 650 pixels and between 100 - 225 pixels in height at 72 dpi.


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