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Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

I've never participated in a Webinar. How does it work?

A Webinar is a live webcast that you participate in while in the comfort of your own surroundings. When you register for any of the events, you will receive a unique URL that you will click on or paste into the address bar of your Internet browser. Then you will be taken to a "meeting room" where you will join other participants and the speaker. You will watch and listen to the speaker on your own computer and can ask questions via a Chat area on the screen.

What time of day are the Webinars scheduled for?

Times for Webinars are listed on on the Webinars page of MarathonPress.com/webinars.

Can I bring others to watch with me?

Yes. You can gather your staff to join the Webinar around one computer. However you cannot use the same log in on more than one computer.

What's the best way for me to register?

The best way to guarantee a seat is to register online as soon as possible.

How early should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive a half hour early so that you have time to check in and get settled. This will also give you time to be sure your computer is correctly configured for the Webinar. The first time you attend a Marathon Webinar you may be prompted to download and install a plugin.

Can I arrive late for the Webinar?

We highly recommend that you arrive promptly. However, once the Webinar has been opened you can sign in any time up to the end of the Webinar.

Will I be able to purchase products following the Webinar?

Many speakers offer specials reserved just for those attending the live Webinar presentation.

Will I be able to ask questions of the speaker?

During the presentation, the Chat area will be closed. Once the speaker has completed their presentation, the Chat area will be opened and you will have the opportunity to ask questions by typing the message into the Chat area.

How long will the Webinar last?

Webinars typically last 45-50 minutes with 10-15 minutes for Q&A at the end of the program.

Can I record the Webinar?

No audio or video capture is permitted. Doing so is in violation of copyright laws.

Will I receive a recording of the Webinar?

To request a copy of the Webinar, please contact webinars@marathonpress.net. Only registered attendees may request a copy. You will be emailed a link to the recording which can only be viewed online. The link can be watched multiple times and will not expire.

What are the hardware and software requirements to attend a Webinar?

Marathon's Webinars can be viewed on both MAC and PC platforms with Flash Player installed. We suggest a wired 512kb or better Internet connection for best performance. Wireless connections may slow delivery to your computer. Audio will be heard through your computer's speakers. There is no need for a phone to attend Marathon's Webinars.

Will there be someone that can answer my technical questions?

In order to take full advantage of the Webinar, please check your settings by clicking on Meeting, then Manage My Settings, then My Connection Speed. Be sure this is set at DSL/Cable for optimum performance. Should you experience any technical problems after correctly configuring your computer for the Webinar, please email webinars@marathonpress.net. Your message will be addressed as soon as possible following the conclusion of the Webinar.

The sound is breaking up. What do I do?

Make sure you are using a wired Internet connectiont. A wireless Internet connection may slow the delivery of the Webinar to your computer. In order to take full advantage of the Webinar, please check your settings by clicking on Meeting, then Manage My Settings, then My Connection Speed. Be sure this is set at DSL/Cable for optimum performance.

I lost my log in information. How can I retrieve it?

Please email webinars@marathonpress.net at least two hours before the Webinar begins. Your login information will be resent.

Is there a discount for MAP members to attend?

Yes. There is a special, discounted price for MAP members. Talk to your facilitator for more information.

Is there a refund if I'm unable to attend?

Unfortunately there are no refunds once a registration has been made. In the event of an emergency preventing you from attending, please contact webinars@marathonpress.net.

Is there a refund if I'm not satisfied with the content?

No. Marathon is unable to refund your registration in the event you are not satisfied with the program because a limited number of reservations are accepted into each Webinar to begin with. Please read the Webinar description carefully before registering. Webinar descriptions and changes to program content are at the discretion of the speaker and Marathon is not liable.

Who do I contact to comment on my experience?

If you wish to comment on anything regarding your Webinar experience, please email webinars@marathonpress.net. Your comments will be taken under advisement and used to improve the experience of future participants.

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