Provide your clients with helpful hints that will enhance your ability to create quality portraits and increase the size of client orders. These pages are derived from a variety of our successful preproduced promotional pieces.

Client Education Pages are a complimentary benefit of hosting with Marathon. Contact an Account Representative to add any or all of these pages to your website.


Decorating With Portraiture

Enhancing Your Home And Office With Photographic Portraiture.


Creating a Timeless Portrait

Making Portraits That Touch The Heart and Decorate the Home.


Seniors, Look Your Best

Making your senior session fun and your senior portraits awesome.


Nothing is More Precious than the Story of a Child

Planning your child's portrait history.


New Beginnings

Creating heart-touching portraits of newborns and their family.


Every Story Begins With A Promise

Capture the beauty, romance, emotion, and joy of your wedding.


The Romance Of Wedding Photography

Allow family, friends and guests to purchase certificates which the bride and groom can use toward their wedding photography.


Turn Moments into Memories

Capture the memories and the magic of family with the enduring beauty of a portrait.


The Seven Ages of Childhood

Preserving your child's portrait history.


Preserving Your Precious Memories

Copy and Restoration Services.


Timeless Expressions of Family

Capture and preserve the love, affection and expressions that are uniquely your family.


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