Mailing Services

Marathon provides state-of-the-art mailing services that make it easy and affordable to create and process business-building direct mail campaigns. When combined with Marathon's superior quality printed products, our highspeed mail processing service will assure the best possible presentation and delivery of your marketing message.

NCOA, CASS Certfied/Presorting/MUVUpdate:
All Mailings are passed through the NCOA and are CASS certified on the same day the mailing is sent. Insuring the highest deliverability, the best postal rate and savings on lost postage.

Postage and Mailing Charges:
Postage prices subject to change without notice.

Setup $28
• Postage Bulk Bar Coded 36¢ each
                    First Class Letter 48¢ each
                    First Class Post Card (4.25x6) 36¢ each

Quantities Over 10,000 Pieces:

• Setup $28
• Addressing 2¢ each
• Postage Call for estimate

Additional Mailing Services:

• Labels from Furnished Files 3¢ each
• Addressing $28 setup and 2.5¢ each (above 10k pieces 2¢ each)
• Merge/Purge Files and List Manipulation Setup $20 per list
• Processing…$1.50 per 1,000 records
• Hand Typing Name, Address, etc.…24¢ per record
• Tabbing…3¢ per tab

Mail pieces may require tabs, especially when mailing a brochure or multiple-page booklet without an envelope. Please verify with an account representative when placing order.

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