VPS ROES gives you the ability to select a product and precisely define crops and notations on your images within the product. To get started, simply select a folder of images and start selecting the products you'd like to order.
Within the product you can define your desired image cropping. Once the desired crop is achieved, the item can be added to the current order and a new product started. Multiple image thumbnails can be dragged or double-clicked to add several images to the order quickly. Holding crop, options and quantity between images of the same size will allow you to quickly process sets of similar images.

This powerful tool will allow you to completely modify images. Areas can be created and moved, added, deleted, resized or rotated and set to accept images, text or backgrounds you would like to add. The ability to add text colors, image opacity, drop shadows and grid constraints will give you the freedom to create your own unique products.

The Package Suite allows you to define your own packages from the products offered. This is perfect for school, event and sports photographers who use package pricing models. You can create various package groups, then create packages by dragging products from the catalog into the ROES cropping area.

The ROES cropping area is transformed into a free-form package creation area. When an image is added to a package and the package is added to the order, each product in the package is added to the order. This speeds order entry from commonly offered products.


This powerful new tool will allow you to automate the sports, school or other mass "Data Sensitive" order entry process. Events can dramatically reduce the time it takes to enter a large school, sports and event order. Event enables you to import .csv or comma-delimited files with subject data and match it with individual and group images for mass ordering.

No file to import? No problem. Events also enables you to create rows and columns with data quickly then associate that data with customer images. Once the table is verified, the powerful Auto Process can automatically build ROES products with little or no assistance.


  • Live phone and email support available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm cst Monday through Friday. Remote desktop support available upon request during these hours.

Test prints are free. Simply download VPS ROES and go to Test Prints to place
your order.


Mac OS X



We are always looking for ways to improve our product.
Please submit your requests at Volume Photo Requests.



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