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PressPrints Frequently Asked Questions

Will the designs/layouts I've created for mPrint still work in PressPrints?

Yes, all of the products that were available in mPrint are also available in PressPrints.

In the file specifications for PressPrints it calls for a TIF file, can I use a JPG?

You can use a JPG, however, JPG files use lossy compression, which means each time an image is opened and saved the image quality degrades slightly.
TIF is the preferred format since it uses lossless image compression when saving files and thus no loss of image quality.

Can I use a Photoshop layered file (.PSD) in PressPrints?

PressPrints does not work with .PSD files. TIF and JPG are the only acceptable file formats.

How quickly will my order ship?

Orders placed by Monday 8am CST will ship Wednesday.
Orders placed by Wednesday 8am CST will ship Friday.
Orders placed by Friday 8am CST will ship Tuesday.
Calendars require longer production time, call customer service for details.

Schedules do not account for holidays or extra services you request.

UPS ground shipping is 1- 4 days after leaving our facility. If you need it faster, select one of the expedited shipping options when ordering.

Is there a user guide?

Is support available if I have questions about the software or my order?

Yes, we're here to help you. ´╗┐If you have any questions, would like a personal demo, or need any assisstane with the PressPrints or PhotoBooks software, please call one of our account representatives at 800/228.0629. Live technical support is available from 8-5 pm Central time Monday thru Friday or you can email us at software@marathonpress.net

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