Personalized Photography Marketing

Personalized photography marketing, is fast becoming the medium of choice for direct mail, which is no wonder, when studies indicate that a database-driven promotion can surpass a standard response rate by a factor of 26 to 11. Personalized photography marketing makes this possible by using a database to identify what is unique to the recipient and then inserting that information into the promotion's design during the press printing process. For example, you can personalize high school senior mailings by addressing the high school senior by name on the front of the press printed card and in the back copy, along with the school name if you wish. And if your database includes gender, you can even send two different card versions with images that appeal specifically to male or female high school seniors.



Direct mail promotions typically yield a 1-2% response rate. However, experience shows that a promotion employing Personalized Photography Marketing can surpass a standard promotion. Call for pricing. Personalized Photography Marketing Campaigns start as low as 50¢ per piece.

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