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sposter20x28  Spirit Posters
Available in VPS ROES

About Spirit Posters

Available in a 20"x28" poster size, now you can feature each individual team player in our biggest format yet! Designs are available in sereral unique colors with space to add a school mascot or custom design. Personalize each poster even further by adding the year, school and individual's name all in VPS ROES.

Available in VPS ROES.



Quantity Price per Piece
1-50 $2.00
51 to 75 $1.75
76 to 100 $1.60
101 to 150 $1.45
151 to 250 $1.30
251 to 500 $1.20

Spirit Posters Specs

  • Standard Size: 20"x28"
  • Minimum Quantity: 1

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