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  1. BG054 - Product

    ... <div><h1>How We Use BG054</h1><p>Our goal was to create a business card that served as an unforgettable marketing piece, so we ...

  2. BG007 - Product

    ... directly ask for business in the newsletter. Our goal is to keep portraitlife in the forefront of our clients’ minds, as well as, ...

  3. senior-2019 -

    ... sessions had been steadily decreasing. We set a goal to reach a broader base of seniors and turned to Marathon. Their Senior Marketing ...

  4. Summary & Benefits - MAP - Marketing Advantage Program

    ... provided will take into consideration your goals, budget and personality. What if I need pricing or price list/product menu help? This ...

  5. BG106 - Product

    ... a fantastic brochure for any photographer whose goal is to attract upscale clients. Adapt the design to complement your studio’s ...

  6. BG313 - Product

    ... we continue to photograph them as they grow. The goal is a client for life, and for us that starts with BRAND NEW babies!</p><h1>Other ...

  7. BG008 - Product

    ... <div><h1>About Senior Catalog</h1><p>The goal of our Senior Catalog is to communicate to seniors that we are a high-end boutique ...

  8. BG004 - Product

    ... piece to high school juniors in our area. Our goal was to connect with kids who want to invest in a studio that really caters to their ...

  9. Marketing & Design Workshop | Why You Should Attend - Marketing & Design Workshop

    ... projects needed to achieve your specific goals.

  10. BG107 - Product

    ... from the non-profit we were promoting. Our goal was to generate new clients while raising funds for the charitable organization.

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