Volume Photography Workshop Series

Each DVD includes instruction by Chris Wunder -America's #1 Photography Sales & Marketing Educator for event photography, school photography and directory photography. He's helped THOUSANDS of photography studios build new business through easy-to-follow instructions built on years of practical experience. You can do it too!

Even if you've previously attended our LIVE workshop presentation, these DVD's provide valuable REMEDIAL school, event and church photography education and the opportunity to SHARE CONCEPTS with others on your staff.

The ABC's of School Photogaphy

An introduction for the portrait studio, sports, wedding or event photographer that wants to cash in on this lucrative business. Learn what it takes to operate a successful underclass school photography business in your local area. Learn how to "fast track" the booking process, what schools expect, what they avoid and what will make them choose you as their photographer. Learn about the "rebates" and "commissions" schools expect and how to use them to your advantage. Other school profit centers -spring portraits, classroom groups, composites, yearbook printing and more will be discussed. Earning BIG BUCKS is "elementary" after you've seen this program. Three DVD set-almost 5 hours of school photography content.

Year-Round Marketing Means Year-Round Cash!

Learn 17 ways to earn more money by adding event photography, sport phtography and directory photography to your studio business plan. Learn the "secrets" of finding and booking more photography business and "guerilla marketing" strategies to compete effectively and WIN BIG! You'll learn innovative concepts to set your photography business above the rest and give you a competitive edge. You'll also learn the BEST time of the year to market each promotion to maximize your opportunities. This program will help make every month a profitable one! Two DVD set-almost 3 1/2 hours of content.

Learn to Make $100,000 a Year With Church and Membership Directories

This comprehensive 5.5 hour DVD program will teach you everything you need to get started! We'll teach you how to find the photography business and get them to book with you. Learn how to package, price and sell your portraits, and the software you should be using for presentations, as well as key words and phrases that will help you sell more portraits. Find out how to do a complete family photography session in 15 minutes or less while maximizing variety and quality. We'll share equipment tips, lighting ideas and logistics for automating the whole process - up through publishing your directories - so you'll make more money in less time! Finally, learn the "secrets" of portraiture mass-marketing and use it to help build your business through "data mining" of these new clients - bringing them back to you over and over.

School Photo Techniques: A Course for the Beginner

This 6 hour "quick-start" DVD will teach you all the basics of conducting an efficient and trouble free school picture day shoot for Kindergarten through grade 11. Find out how to photograph up to 90 students per hour - per camera - properly identified, with attention to detail, posing, lighting and expression. Learn how to schedule the classrooms, manage the logistics, personnel and resources to provide an exceptional school photography experience for students, faculty and administration.

Learn what specialized equipment will help make school photography job easy. We'll cover three different methods for offering your customers multiple background choices for greater sales. We'll also share the "secrets" of doing high quality green screen photography on a volume basis with little work on your part.

Find out how to automate the process - even on a budget. Learn about on-site capture software with barcode and database capability, tethered and untethered workflows and much more. We'll demystify this important topic! We'll also show you how to minimize your labor and maximize speed in prepping files for production. Finally, we'll share tips on finding just the right lab to help you through the process. If you're thinking about going into the lucrative field of school photography, this is one DVD program you can't afford to miss!.


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