Market Your Fall Family Portraits

There's never been an easier or more effective way to attract families to your studio. These interactive pieces showcase your photography and deliver the right message to the customer you are looking for.

First Mailing: Create Awareness

Many potential clients do not commit to a studio after receiving the first mailing, but the importance of that first mailing is critical. This piece is designed to wow your potential customer by creating an awareness that won't be easily forgotten.

01 accordion card
(7 x 4.75)
Second Mailing: Present Your Offer

Following the first mailing is another stunning piece that clearly explains your offer presented by an interactive gift card and gift card holder. Increase their interest in your studio by giving them something they won't want to throw away.

02 gift card and holder
(5 x 7)
Third Mailing: Book Now

Next up is a reminder that it's time to act now. The 11 x 6 oversized card combined with a simple, to-the-point message will express the need to book their family session now.

03 marketing card
(11 x 6)
Optional Extra Mailing

Every customer has good intentions, but sometimes life gets busy. For only $.60 per name, you can send a "last chance" 9 x 6 card to remind your potential client that it's time to act now or they'll miss out.

04 marketing card
(9 x 6)
Price Per Name

Price includes photo insertion, back copy changes, postage, list source, ZIP Code protection and mailing the pieces.

These 3-part promotions are limited to only one studio per marketing area, so call (800) 228.0629 NOW to make sure your preferred ZIP Codes are available! ZIP Codes are protected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3 automated mailings with your choice of 8 mail dates between August - November 2018.


Click now to find out how to get your Family Marketing 2018 sample pack or call
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Family Photography Marketing
Family Photography Marketing
Family Photography Marketing
Family Photography Marketing

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