Bebe' Sticker BG138

Vicki & Jed Taufer Bebe' Collection

BG138  Bebe' Sticker
Available in Marathon ROES

About Bebe' Sticker

This large circular sticker is used to customize the lid of our Bebe′ hatbox.

How We Use BG138

In addition to receiving the hatbox and circular information brochure, we also present each client with a free gift from V Gallery and a local children’s boutique. This gifting strategy helped V Gallery to earn its reputation as a boutique studio.

Other Uses For BG138

The sticker could be formatted as a Certificate of Authenticity to be applied to the back of framed artworks, or it could be used as is to brighten up a delivery bag or box.



Qty 25 50 100 250 500 750 1000
Pricing $41 $50 $74 $134 $232 $331 $430

Quantity discounts available, call (800) 228.0629 for pricing.

Design Price: $50

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Bebe' Sticker Specs

  • Contributor: Vicki & Jed Taufer
  • Collection: Bebe' Collection
  • Standard Size: 5.5"
  • Minimum Quantity: 50
  • Stock: Pressure Sensitive

Additional Information:
• Circular die-cut

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