Earn $6000 to $10,000 per week combining your Family Portraiture with Affinity Marketing Strategies.



These programs can generate HUNDREDS of NEW customers with MINIMAL ADVERTISING COST.

  • Family portrait directory programs for churches & synagogues, country clubs, homeowner’s associations & gated communities.
  • Family portrait fundraising programs for schools, sports leagues, charitable organizations, scout troops, church youth groups and more.
  • Customer, resident and membership appreciation programs featuring your family portraiture. Work with local businesses, organizations, apartment communities, assisted living facilities and many more opportunities.

Attend our upcoming two-day workshop to find out how to make 2011 your most profitable year in business. See why photographers today are learning about the many benefits of AFFINITY MARKETING to help grow their family portraiture business.

Q: What is Affinity Marketing?
A: A strategy of marketing your photography services on a “group” or “volume” basis to persons sharing common interests, affiliation, faith, association or membership providing special consideration for the mutual benefit of all.

It’s true.  Sometimes it’s easier (and more profitable) to market your services to a group of consumers, rather than market to them one by one. Allow a sponsoring group to promote your services and help you book sessions in exchange for something that benefits them. This consideration might be in the form of a pictorial membership directory, a complimentary sample session and portrait offer, or a rebate of a portion of portrait sales to benefit their fundraising. Properly organized and negotiated, Affinity Marketing programs are a WIN-WIN for everyone!

Your Presenter: Chris Wunder, Cr.Photog.

Mr. Wunder is a 30-year veteran in the photo marketing business. His expertise extends from portraits studios to special events including school photography, sports, yearbooks and directory publishing.  An industry insider, he has worked with smaller, entrepreneurial firms as well as large corporate clients.  He is in demand as a consultant, trainer and presenter for conventions and workshops at the regional, national and international level.  Chris will share many great ideas to help you succeed in your business.

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