Promote boudoir photography through this eye-catching marketing display and multi-part marketing piece.

The attention-getting display holder takes up only a small amount of counter space. Each promotional package is housed in a translucent envelope so that your potential client will be attracted by the clever design. Once she opens it, she will be intrigued by the message that is revealed by the foldover insert: The marketing card, which features your images, marketing message and special offer, is tucked into an elegant, die-cut Bikini holder that is guaranteed to attract attention!!

Both the display and marketing pieces feature graphics that will harmonize with a range of photographic styles...from elegant to sexy. This allows you to achieve the impact of a boutique studio promotion without busting your budget! If you have a list of prospective women clients, then this promotion is ideal for mailing to them as well.

The Boudoir Photography Marketing Package includes:

• 100 Boudoir Marketing foldover cards (customizable with logo, images and text)
• 100 Boudoir Marketing Bikini die-cut holders (non-customizable)
• 100 Vellum/translucent envelopes
• 5 Display holders (noncustomizable)

The investment is only $199

Refills with no change are $99 per 100 pieces which include:

• 100 Boudoir Marketing cards (customizable with logo, image and text)
• 100 Boudoir Marketing Bikini die cut holders (non-customizable)
• 100 Vellum/translucent envelopes

Additional individual displays are $5 each (non-customizable)

Want to customize even more? Please call for a specialized quote.
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